Office Administrator

Office Administrator

The Landing
Office Administrator Job Description


The Office Administrator is responsible for maintaining the records, data, and documents of the Landing. They will support the work of the Landing’ Board of Directors and other staff.

The Office Administrator must support the mandate of The Landing, which is:

  1. To offer support for gender and sexual diversity at the University of Alberta and related communities,
  2. To support LGBTTQQPIANU+ communities and individuals, as well as their supporters, friends, families, and loved ones,
  3. To promote gender equity on a broad scale, and advocate for the safety and acceptance of individuals of all genders and sexualities in campus life, and
  4. To offer a safe space to LGBTTQQPIANU+ individuals, as well as workshops, educational sessions, and outreach activities for all persons.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Compile all data from Landing programs, events, drop-in hours and other initiatives on a weekly basis
  • Communicate with program evaluator(s) and ensure that all relevant data is collected and received
  • Produce a monthly report for the Landing’s Board of Directors
  • Maintain an annual calendar of campus and community events that are relevant to the Landing
  • Maintain and update electronic and paper filing systems and records so they remain organized and easily accessible
  • Monitor the Landing’s e-mail account and ensure that all communications receive a response within a reasonable time frame
  • Organize and maintain a tidy work environment in the Landing’s office space
  • Provide other administrative support for the Landing as needed

Working Conditions

Up to 20 hours per week


  1. Some level of post­secondary education required. Equivalencies will be considered.
  2. Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, Google Drive and Google Apps is required.
  3. Knowledge of intersectional gender and sexuality issues in the community required.
  4. Experience with program assessment an asset.

Preference will be given to University of Alberta students.

Statement of Equity

The Landing strives to provide a fair, open, and supportive environment, and is committed to ensuring its policies, practices, and systems are free of barriers. The Landing emphasizes diversity, carries an anti-oppressive lens, and ensures the dignity and respect of all individuals through equal access.

Through our policies and practices, The Landing works to eliminate barriers to employment for people who face structural oppression and discrimination, including but not limited to FNMI people, people with disabilities, racialized people, women, and gender and sexual minorities. We are committed to working on identifying and removing barriers impacting historically marginalized groups in our organization. As an organization committed to challenging oppressive structures, The Landing works to take measures to ensure that qualified candidates from marginalized groups are able to compete equally in all aspects of employment, promotion, advancement, and retention.

In accordance with Sections 3 and 11.1 of the Alberta Human Rights Act, The Landing commits to ensuring that no individual be discriminated against on the basis of race, religious beliefs, colour, gender identity, gender expression, physical or mental disability, marital status, age, ancestry or place of origin, family status, or source of income. The Landing recognizes and accepts its responsibility to comply with the requirements of the Act in its consideration of students for admission, promotion, and involvement with our organization.

To Apply

Please submit a resume and cover letter via email in PDF format to Applications are due on August 17 at 11:59 p.m.

If you have any questions, please contact Alix Kemp at or by phone at 780-492-4241.

You may also download this job description as a PDF file.